– We’re in a public park. I’ve got a little girl on my pull-up bars, so I’m gonna have to wait an extra second. (rock music) – So, a little while ago, I reached out to Alden Mills, former Navy Seal and author and presented Joshua with a challenge. –… Continue Reading I Tried The Navy Seal Body of Armor Workout

– So we’re doing like, essentially like brain surgery without cutting you open. – Well, thank you. (Darrick laughs) Appreciate that part. (upbeat music) – My name is Destinee. – My name’s Hitomi. – And today I’m here to get cold laser therapy. – My name is Dr. Darrick Sahara,… Continue Reading People Try Cold Laser Therapy

(light music) – Today I’ll be trying an acupressure mat from Amazon. – My upper back is real fucked up. – I look at multiple different screens and I do get a lot of neck pain. – I have something called degenerative disk disease which sounds like way more serious… Continue Reading We Ordered Acupuncture From Amazon