Friends, in accordance with the demands coming from you, we are starting to work today’s kilim woven necklace this work has a process that requires time and patience consider this I think the explanations I made during the study will help you therefore, I suggest watching the video from beginning… Continue Reading Kilim dokuma kolye -Full- (Weaving with needle necklace technique full version)

– I am working as a technical officer in WHO headquarters, in the Traditional medicine and Integrative medicine unit. We have a very strong policy of advocating traditional medicine to member nations. In fact, WHO believes that traditional medicine is an integrated part of the health systems. And to improve… Continue Reading Representatives of World Organizations on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Better health is now more easily available through preventative an alternative medicine; no prescription required! Let’s start with an analogy: the earth receives a wide spectrum of light from the Sun, from infrared to ultraviolet and everything in between and many magnitudes of wavelengths beyond. A small segment of that… Continue Reading AQTN – Alternative medicine is for everyone

Nick Jacobs, FACHE: Hi. I’m Nick Jacobs, the treasurer of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. This morning, I’m going to be talking a little bit about the future of healthcare and what impacts it will be facing over the next several years. A little over a year ago,… Continue Reading The Future of Medicine with Nick Jacobs, FACHE, ABIHM Treasurer

Hi, I’m Gordon Irving, Medical Director of the Swedish Pain and Headache Center. Let’s talk about complementary medicine, or CAM, and pain. You probably use CAM all the time if you suffer from chronic pain. If fact, anything you do to decrease your pain that is not by prescribed pill… Continue Reading Complementary Therapy: What can you do to reduce your pain?

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Here are the notation symbols used for knit, tuck and miss loop. there is a looping diagram shown in the left side from this we will find the notation let’s start from the first course here at first it is knit knit knit and knit. Because in first course all… Continue Reading Needle arrangement, Cam arrangement & Notation of Knitted Single Jersey Fabric ||School Of Textiles

What is CAM or complementary and alternative medicine? Tell us about that and kind of how it’s helping patients today? Sure, so the term CAM as you mentioned this complementary in an alternative medicine so complementary is anything that’s going to complement traditional medicine so anything from food therapy to… Continue Reading Learning about CAM, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

♬ – Music – ♬ Hello. I’m Dr. Jeffrey White from the National Cancer Institute. Dietary supplements, special teas, meditation, and spiritual healing… these therapies are only a few examples of the many approaches included in complementary and alternative medicine – or CAM for short. Patients are using therapies such… Continue Reading Lifelines: Complementary and Alternative Medicine