Hello guys. My name is Chintan Shah and in this vid I am going to share with you all my experience of migraine and how I got relief from it. During migraine I had a throbbing pain in the right side of my head and the right eye along with… Continue Reading Migraine – Treatment & Experience | Homeopathcures.com

What you’re seeing is real. A spectator can even examine and inflate the balloon before hand. [pop] Here’s how it’s done: The needle is very sharp. Before your performance put a drop of oil on the needle’s tip. Not too much and spread it down the length of the needle.… Continue Reading Needle Through Balloon Trick Revealed

The good news about migraines today, is that we know much more what is migraine. While both men and women suffer from migraine, women are three times more likely to experience migraines than men. Globally, one in eight have migraine. From the patient’s perspective, an acute attack is a pain… Continue Reading Importance of Early Intervention in Acute Migraine with Dr. Heather Pim

The Quebec association of substance addiction counsellors Needle and syringe programs in prisons: it can be done. Richard Cloutier, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services Blood Borne STI Prevention Office In Quebec, a 2003 study of provincial detention centres showed that 3% of the prison population are HIV-positive and… Continue Reading Needle and syringe programs in prison: it can be done

How are you doing? It’s a simple conversation under the most complex of circumstances during brain surgery. Serena Kelly is the first patient in Canada to receive a procedure known as deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Sunnybrook surgeons guided by her brain images have inserted… Continue Reading A possible new treatment for PTSD

At 68, Linda Bohnen has spent decades not being able to work, travel or enjoy simple pleasures. She is essentially housebound. Worse, she is trapped inside her depression and anxiety. I’ve had depression on and off most of my life but it’s been mostly on for the past thirty odd… Continue Reading North American first: Researchers investigate safety of focused ultrasound to treat depression

Canada is a world leader in children’s pain research, but did you know it can take up to 17 years for research findings to be put into practice? That’s a whole generation of children who miss out on the benefits of information we already know. What we know now is… Continue Reading Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP): A Call to Action (2 min version)

Ready one, two three! Many can relate to this. Needles can induce worry, discomfort and in some, an overwhelming fear. As a registered nurse in Sunnybrook’s Family Practice Unit, Andrea Goncz has pretty much seen every reaction there is. Usually teenagers and older children usually have the hardest time. Goncz… Continue Reading 3 ways to manage a fear of needles