>>Each year the American Cancer Society publishes a journal known as the Cancer Journal for Clinicians. This journal uses cancer statistics from the previous year to predict the statistics for the upcoming year. For the year 2012, the Cancer Journal for Clinicians estimated that 1.6 million people would be diagnosed… Continue Reading Immunotherapy Treatment of Cancer: Holly Cardillo

[MUSIC] One day I just had this uncontrolled pain in my stomach that brought me to my knees, and from there on is history. I went to my doctor, and one test led to another, led to another, but just my gut feeling told me something was wrong, and me… Continue Reading Stomach (Gastric) Cancer | Stephanie’s Story

Graphene has a high surface area and this enables a lot more drugs to be loaded onto its surface This could potentially reduce the side effects of associated with the current cancer treatment Graphene also has a high acidity in terms of chemistry, pretty much anything can be attached onto… Continue Reading How can graphene be used for cancer treatment?

As a parent of a child with cancer, you might be wondering, how will cancer pain affect my child? Factors like the type and stage of cancer and the type of treatments they receive can play a role in how much pain they might experience. Overall, almost half of kids… Continue Reading How Will Cancer Pain Affect My Child?

I was told I would need radiotherapy after surgery but the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes so I needed chemotherapy in between so I was new radiotherapy was on the cards it’s something that kept me going through chemotherapy I knew that this was the last little hurdle… Continue Reading Having radiotherapy for breast cancer – Part One: Preparing for Treatment

cancer people who dye their hair, even. Certainly, people who eat in specific ways are at increased risk of certain type of cancer: red meat across the board seems to be strongly associated with risk for many cancers. So my patients come and see me who have already done conventional… Continue Reading Naturopathic Medicine Helps Cancer Patients Recover – Dr. Simon Barker, ND Naturopathic Doctor

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Immunotherapy has given me hope. There are so many other people out there this can help. Other patients that had come before me inspired me so that’s my hope to let my experience help the next person. My name’s K.C. Dill — I live in Conroe, Texas. I’m a wife,… Continue Reading Finding Another Treatment Option for Stage 4 Lung Cancer: K.C.’s Immunotherapy Story

You mentioned earlier that this is an industry that’s based on patents and profits. So while we’re using alliterations tell me a little bit about the relationship between sugar and stress and cancer. Chris Wark: Yeah. Stress is a major component and we haven’t even talked about this in the… Continue Reading The “Hidden” Cause of Cancer – Chris Wark with Ty Bollinger