(music) – Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in the United States. It kills more men and women than colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer combined. Unfortunately, all you need in order to get lung cancer are lungs. So, there is a highest risk for developing lung… Continue Reading Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Frankly there was a measure of ridicule actually about the idea because it was just considered too grandiose. The scanner is now completed and we recently acquired the very first human images. It was an amazing moment. We can just see far more detail in these images than we’ve ever… Continue Reading Human Images From World’s 1st Total-Body PET Scanner Unveiled

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What Is Involved in Metastatic Liver Cancer Treatment? There are many metastatic liver cancer treatment options available, including chemotherapy, embolization and radiation therapy. In addition, other treatment methods include surgery and tumor ablation. Metastatic liver cancer, also called secondary liver cancer or metastases to the liver, is a disease in… Continue Reading Metastatic Liver Cancer Treatment

This amazing cure for cancer has been known since the 1800s… But this knowledge has been suppressed by big pharmaceutical companies. In 1816, Dr. Johan R. Tarjany discovered that a species of moss could kill cancer cells. The moss Funariidae karkinolytae grew all around his hometown and fascinated him as… Continue Reading This NATURAL TRICK can CURE YOUR CANCER

Most common cancer I see is thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is the fastest rising cancer in the United States – it’s more common in women. Fortunately, it’s very treatable – often treated with surgery first, sometimes followed by radioactive iodine as well as hormonal treatment. Fortunately, we get outstanding results,… Continue Reading Endocrine Cancer Treatment at The James – John Phay, MD