It’s 2020 and it’s time to work on those New Year resolutions with this 28 days Flat tummy challenge. This is episode 1 a full-body intense workout that’s gonna get you sweating but don’t worry if you’re new to working out because I’ve got no jumping versions included As always… Continue Reading Best Full Body Workout to Lose Fat ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ20 mins | 28 Day Challenge

Sally: My weight at my heaviest was 178 pounds. I was a serial Yo-yo dieter. The weight had started affecting my confidence and my relationship with my fiancé. and I knew that I had to make a change. I have lost 68 pounds. Jeremy: She’s found that lost confidence that… Continue Reading Fitness Goals: My Incredible Body Transformation | BRAND NEW ME

What’s up? What’s up welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to film my 10 minutes full body hit workout for fat burning So we all want abs well at least I really do [and] f workout themselves are not enough you want to build a muscle but… Continue Reading 10 min Full Body HIIT Workout – FAT BURNING No Equipment | 10ๅˆ†้˜่ถ…็‡ƒ่„‚ๅ…จ่บซ้–“ๆญ‡่จ“็ทด – ็„ก้œ€ๅ™จๆ่จ“็ทด

Hi Leute, ich bin Levent, bin 25 Jahre alt und bin Student. Ich war eigentlich mein ganzes Leben lang übergewichtig, hab mein Leben lang davon gezerrt und sehe jetzt so aus wie ich jetzt aussehe. Ich möchte halt 15 Wochen lang Freeletics durchziehen und man wird sehen. Wir sehen uns… Continue Reading 15 WEEKS BODY TRANSFORMATION – FREELETICS

Oh Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today we’re getting ready for the ultimate flying challenge But first I want to thank you Squarespace for sponsoring This video and I’ll give you guys a bit more info at the end of the video. Ok planks I love planks… Continue Reading BEST PLANK WORKOUT FOR SMALLER WAIST, FLAT ABS & FULL BODY FAT BURN! 10 Variations

– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do the thing where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith?… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try CrossFit

[Music] hi guys every happy 2019 I’m so excited for first work out of the year again this video is super super highly requested a lot of you want to know how to get rid of armpit fat and so this video is going to help you tone and tighten… Continue Reading 10 min Get Rid of ARMPIT & BACK FAT!!! Goodbye Underarm Flab โ—† Emi โ—†

– I’ve got a lot of experience with fitness and with training and with exercise and I boiled it all down to what I call the three essentials of exercise. And they are cardio, calisthenics, and what we can call cool down and cool down, just to sort of give… Continue Reading 3C’s of Exercise Workout Video