Today, we’ll be making a simple scarf to teach you the basics of knitting: how to cast on, how to knit, and how to bind off. You’ll need yarn, knitting needles, and scissors. We’re using a medium-weight yarn and standard size 9 single-point needles. We’ll begin by creating a slipknot… Continue Reading How to Knit | Hobby Lobby® | Beginner Scarf Tutorial

Hi, this is Kelley I’m here today to show you how to cast on for two at a time mittens in the round using the Magic Loop method and I have some chunky weight yarn here and I have circular needles and I find that a lot of people enjoy… Continue Reading How To Cast On Two at a Time Mittens With Circular Needles

Intro Music Playing… Welcome back to GoodKnit Kisses. I’m your host Kristen and we are in our loom knitting cast-on series. Let’s get started. Today we are doing the Cable Cast-on. We’ll start by making a slip knot. This is a very clean cast on. I really like it. And… Continue Reading Loom Knit Cast On: True Cable Cast On | matches needle version (Closed Captions CC)

Welcome back to GoodKnit Kisses, I’m your host Kristen and today we are going to talk about the cable cast on. So grab your favorite yarn and needles and let’s get started. Today I’m working with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn and this is a bulky. It’s made for a size… Continue Reading Cable Cast On | Knitting on Needles (Closed Captions CC)

got the list of eleven the top ten it’s been done it’s 11 is the new 10 hi everybody welcome to off our needles I’m Jody I’m Tracy and we’re the grocery girls we are episode fourteen eleven things only neighbors understand do you think knitters are different types of… Continue Reading 11 Things Only Knitters Understand | Off Our Needles Knitting Podcast S3E14

STEP 1 : Take a length of yarn, about 10-12 inches. Be sure to leave enough on the tail of yarn to weave in later. STEP 2 : Make a slip knot, insert needle into loop. Tighten slip knot onto needle, not too tight. STEP 3 : Take second needle… Continue Reading How to Knit the Knitted Cast On

Here we have a quick and easy method for casting on in situations like lace where it is useful to have your cast on edge be a little stretchier than it would otherwise be, so that you can block it properly. What you’ll see that I’ve got here is the… Continue Reading Casting On Over Two Needles