This video shows two techniques for planting hair. See lesson 1 for how to make a base Use merino wool First, poke in the center Take down from the root Do the other side in the same way Rugged finish Although it seems to be successful, Easily removed The reason… Continue Reading #06 植毛の仕方 How to plant hair

This is the base you made in Lesson 1. This time, I will introduce a technique to dent the shape. Take some of the thinnest needles Indent the center The base is compressed by having multiple needles When it is difficult to poke, reduce the number It became a concave… Continue Reading #05 羊毛フェルト 基本の土台の作り方 How to make the base for needle felting

The last step in assessing your cat’s body condition, after assessing the chest and the back, is weighing-in on the amount of abdominal fat that he has. And this one is something that you’re going to feel more than see. Cats have a fat pad on their abdomen, just in… Continue Reading Body Condition Score For Cats: Step 3, Abdominal Fat

The cat is in a dangerous situation There is little we can do It’s hard to do somethingA cat is hiding under the sink And on the cat’s body is… It’s an arrow, right? The arrow is sticking out backwards Towards the end of the tail, butt An arrow has… Continue Reading Arrow Pierces Cat’s Body | Animal in Crisis EP11

Hey Madeline innocent here. For stomatitis in cats natural treatment offers you the most effective and the most economical solutions. Stomatitis is the information of the mucous membranes of the mouth. This shows up as pain especially on eating and the mucous membranes can be red, rather than a healthy… Continue Reading Stomatitis In Cats Natural Treatment

A needle is clearly visible inside the body Maybe the cat was stabbed with a needle? I saw a metallic object in the rectum We’ve got a problem After the accident, Gina became easily scared It hurt I took out the sewing box to sow a button She placed a… Continue Reading Cat Swallowed a 5.6cm Needle! It Needs to Be Removed from the Cat’s Stomach ASAP

Hello, Welcome to my website My goal is to support your animals’ healing as well as empower you to keep them healthy. I’m sure you have all heard the phrase an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well in today’s environment with all the pollution and stress… Continue Reading Holistic Veterinary Medicine – Heal Your Animal Friend