Did you know there’s a best time for you to eat, think, do sport and even have a beer? We’re ruled by time: whether that’s the alarm clock or our own internal clock. In fact, our bodies are full of many clocks in most organs and cells, embedded in our… Continue Reading How body clocks rule our lives | BBC Tomorrow’s World

Maybe you’ve read it on some online list of “Amazing Facts About Your Body.” Or you might’ve heard Tim from the IT department drop it at an office party when he was trying to sound all smart. The claim? The human body replaces itself, at the cellular level, every seven… Continue Reading Do You Really Have a New Body Every 7 Years?

Rusty: You can live your life with the treatment you get. I suppose the drugs that they give us are obviously doing us good. I know I’m taking medicine but I just don’t think about it. I think it must be helpful because I really don’t have too many worries… Continue Reading Treatments for dementia: The dementia guide

These are tiny molecular machines, and they are doing this inside your body – right now. To understand why, we have to zoom out. Every day, in an adult human body, 50 to 70 billion of your cells die. Either they’re stressed, or damaged, or just old. But this is… Continue Reading Your Body’s Molecular Machines

if you have cancer [your] doctor may recommend Chemotherapy as part of your treatment The Cell’s Nucleus controls this process Inside each nucleus genetic material called Dna contains the instructions for directing this process sometimes the cells Dna becomes damaged Normally the DNa responds by either repairing itself or instructing… Continue Reading Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

Hyper IgM syndrome is a problem where B cells are unable to undergo antibody class-switching, meaning that they can produce IgM antibodies, or immunoglobulins, but struggle to produce other types of antibodies, and that leaves individuals at risk for certain infections. Let’s take a look at how B cells end… Continue Reading Hyper IgM Syndrome – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Every living being needs to fight off other living beings that want to feast on them.​Every living being needs to fight off other living beings that want to feast on them.​Every living being needs to fight off other living beings that want to feast on them.​So as multicellular life evolved… Continue Reading Tiny Bombs in your Blood – The Complement System

Life is fundamentally different from dead stuff—or is it? Physicist Erwin Schrödinger defined life this way: Living things avoid decay into disorder and equilibrium. What does this mean? Let’s pretend that your download folder is the universe. It started orderly and got more and more chaotic over time. By investing… Continue Reading What Is Life? Is Death Real?

So by this point, you’re probably aware that your body needs oxygen to survive, right? In fact, every cell in your body needs that precious oxygen. Those cells use the oxygen to produce energy in the form of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, a super super important molecule, sometimes even called… Continue Reading Hypoxia & cellular injury – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, and welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we’re going to be talking about the health benefits of going tech-free. And these mobile devices are actually being detrimental to our health and many instances, not that they’re not convenient, not that I’m telling you to go… Continue Reading 5 Benefits of Unplugging & Tips to Go Tech-Free