– Good morning. Today we’re going to draw our first of many Free Body Diagrams. – Hey guys. – Hey Bo. – Hi Bo. ♫ Flipping physics ♫ Almost every time you do a problem that has forces in it, you will need to draw a Free Body Diagram. A… Continue Reading Introduction to Free Body Diagrams or Force Diagrams

Translator: Amira Moreno Reviewer: Diba Szamosi Life is about opportunities, creating them, and embracing them and for me that was the Olympic dream, that’s what defined me, that was my bliss. As a cross-country skier and a member of the Australian ski team headed toward the Winter Olympics, I was… Continue Reading You are not your body: Janine Shepherd at TEDxKC

Professor Ramamurti Shankar: Okay, so this is a new topic called Physics or Dynamics of Rigid Bodies. So, a rigid body is something that will not bend, will not change its shape when you apply forces to it, and one example could be a dime, a coin, or a meter… Continue Reading 9. Rotations, Part I: Dynamics of Rigid Bodies

Back pain is a huge problem. If you look at the statistics, it affects 90% of the population in the world at some point in their lifetime. It’s a huge problem, not just in our country, but worldwide. There are other diseases, they get a lot more press, you see… Continue Reading New device to treat spinal stenosis offered at UCLA

Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture A female acupuncturist greets and discusses treatment with a reclining male patient. The acupuncturist inserts two acupuncture needles into points on the left hand of the patient and stimulates the points by twisting and flicking the ends of the needles. Using a swab, the acupuncturist cleans the… Continue Reading Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture

>>Narrator: Acupuncture has been practiced in China and other Asia countries for thousands of years and it is one of the key components of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent decades, acupuncture has become popular in the United States. The theory in traditional Chinese medicine is the disease results from the… Continue Reading What Happens During an Acupuncture Session?

Can acupuncture help with food cravings? Most definitely. Acupuncture helps to balance the body’s energy system. Acupuncture helps reset the nervous system. It helps the body to produce endorphins which are the body’s natural opiate It is a relaxer or feel-good hormone. The treatment approach is to create a Parasympathetic… Continue Reading Can Acupuncture Help With Food Cravings?