– Oh, hey little buddies. This is, She Said. A space where women talk about stuff, and I’m your host, Cameron Esposito, a woman. For the next few minutes, we here at She Said will have a not weird conversation about our bodies. A conversation I wish I’d been able… Continue Reading The Female Body is Awesome! (She Said w/ Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher)

10 AMAZING PEOPLE BORN WITH EXTRA BODY PARTS NUMBER 10: THE BOY WITH LIMBS ON HIS CHEST Childhood for Deepak Paswan, a 12-year-old boy from India, hasn’t been easy, as he was born with the arms and legs of his underdeveloped twin growing out of his chest. Other children bullied… Continue Reading 10 People Born With Extra Body Parts

What do umbrellas, crochet hooks, carrot seed soup and heavy weights have in common? They’ve all been used to end pregnancies. When it comes to being pregnant there are lots of people who get super excited. They post adorable baby announcements and start picking out names. It’s a big deal.… Continue Reading Self-Induced Abortions