I think it’s important to explain to you where I think medicine is going, how it got to be where it is, and how, absent a tremendous reflection on the part of leaders in health care, we have a danger of getting caught in a very bad direction, a wrong… Continue Reading Impact of Science on Medicine

So, what I’m now going to do is change gears and go through a few examples to give you a diversity of the challenges, possibilities, opportunities, with the idea of what we are trying to do to bring these kinds of thinking, these kinds of technologies to really not only… Continue Reading Understanding and Improving Current Drugs: Heparin

So I would argue we need a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine. What all of us who have been trained in medicine have been trained to do, and the way medicine practices today, is focusing on, when you go to see your doctor, chief complaint, what’s wrong with… Continue Reading Paradigm Shift in Medicine

But if you look at what is the actual outcome as to how health care is delivered today, with all of its potential stress, I would argue that it is disease-oriented. The focus is on disease, not on health and wellness. It has become very specialty-based. As scientists undercover more… Continue Reading Current Practice of Medicine in the United States

Well, I don’t think I can finish a talk on acupuncture and the neurobiology of acupuncture without raising this specter, you know, not the ugly specter, but you know, the question of placebo effects. Because it certainly is a question on many people’s minds, how much of what we see… Continue Reading The Placebo Effect

I was very fortunate to be at the MGH at a time when we had investigators like Ken Kwong and Wu Ming Teng do some of the earlier studies of acupuncture and of course, other groups, Dr. Cho, who you saw in that wonderful Newsweek feature, was also one of… Continue Reading Testing Hypotheses About Acupuncture

calm music (calm music) – Practices, I am going to teach you how to take people up, energetically. And I am going to teach you how to change their mood, energetically. (exhaling) Push, exhale (exhales) And then sweeping this way, and pull, push. Watching your balance. Getting lost in the… Continue Reading Medical Qigong for Healing Back Pain 2019 – Preview Workshop and Demo

So with that brief primer on functional imaging, let’s talk about acupuncture and how we’re approaching it. There are certainly people in this audience that know much more about the features of acupuncture than I do. But my mentors over many years, Kathleen Hui, Wu Ming Teng and others, who… Continue Reading Some Features of Acupuncture Action

DR. STRAUS: Well, I very much appreciate your humility in showing brilliant images and admitting that even you don’t understand what they mean — DR. ROSEN: I’m still scratching my head. DR. STRAUS: — indicating that there’s so much more work to do. While people come to the microphone for… Continue Reading Q&A on Neurobiological Correlates of Acupuncture

Good morning. I urge you to find your seats. My name is Stephen Straus. I’m the director of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and I have the pleasure of hosting the tenth in the series now of our distinguished lectures in the science of complementary and alternative… Continue Reading Introduction to Neurobiological Correlates of Acupuncture