First Understand that, the World can’t be created If there’s no evil. The crime which you see in this world… good as well as evil aspects It’s also a gift from nature, and its created by consciousness. It is a desire of the consciousness and it is a will of… Continue Reading How To Earn True Wealth Through Contentment: Complete Lessons Of Sahasrara Chakra – Part 2

ENERGY HEALING 101 Hello everyone Today I’m going to teach you basic Energy Healing 101. Energy healing is its own life subject. You could basically donate your entire life to studying just this one thing. In the future, I plan on creating my own energy healing modality, which people can… Continue Reading ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

today for me will be one of the most important and special transmissions I ever offer up to today of course because there’s another video to come after that YouTube right there’s always the next level but this is gonna be one of the most special transmissions I’ve ever offered… Continue Reading The Pain of Loss – Matt Kahn

– There is no scientific evidence that crystals and gemstones are able to treat ailments based off their color and chemical make. – Yeah, but it’s like what else is healing us? Certainly not science, so. – Woooo! (air horn blasts) Shots fired at science! (tinkling music) – Hi, I’m… Continue Reading Women Try Crystal Healing For Chronic Pain

SPIRITUAL ACUPUNCTURE (according to Dr. Mikio Sankey), today I want to speak about spiritual acupuncture We use spiritual acupuncture when we look for answers on spiritual- and life questions. Examples for such questions as indication for spiritual acupuncture are f.e. if you want to learn to feel with… Continue Reading Spiritual Acupuncture

Acupuncture without needles thanks nathalie for the trads ! hi everyone! Today I made a video about acupunture without needles. I choose this topic because there were not really a great sucess in my question, asking you to find a topic^^ In the body there are points where the energies… Continue Reading Apprenez à faire de l’acupuncture avec vos doigts = L’ACUPRESSION

In this video gonna talk about how to move your inner energy or with the Chinese call your “Chi.” In my meditations I have many ways that you can use this Chi to remove negative emotions like anxiety, fears, or depression or things like that you can see that in… Continue Reading Chi Gong and Tai Chi (Qi Gong) Energy Healing Exercises