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Hello friends welcome to my love needle youtube channel. Basic technical information for those who want to learn manual work on my channel I will try to share as much as I can with handcrafted models, and more. I hope you will like it. Remember to subscribe to the Notifications… Continue Reading YAPILIŞI KOLAY GÖRÜNÜŞÜ OLAY YENİ ÖĞRENENLERE ŞAHANE İĞNE OYASI MODELİ (DIY Needle Lace )

Imagine a world where you have your own medical avatar, a sci-fi-like profile that’s made out of your real-time health data. After all, you can lift up your car hood and diagnose your engine, or open up a program on your computer to see why it’s not working properly. So,… Continue Reading Will Supercomputers Create Virtual Maps of Your Body in the Future?

good morning Jake paulers what is going on people, hope you are having a great day. the day for me was awesome had a lot of ups and downs which I’m going to talk about. make sure you guys stay tuned make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re dabbing on… Continue Reading IF YOU SPIN IT, YOU WAX IT (EXTREME PAIN GAME)

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Hey, everyone, it’s JoJo Siwa and this is the Trick-or-Treat Taste Test! Got a little note here, says “Read me.” Lift the lid and take a sweet. – Then taste to reveal. – A trick-or-treat. Easy enough, let’s do it! Ooh, you’ll be getting all the tricks, just to let… Continue Reading JoJo Siwa, Breanna Yde, & More Try the Halloween ‘Trick or Treat Taste Test’ 🎃 | Nick

There’s a lot of water on our planet. And it goes by a lot of different names. Gulfs and arroyos and fjords are all bodies of water. But each one represents something unique. So let’s try to understand them. Let’s start big. The ocean is the large saltwater body that… Continue Reading What the names for bodies of water mean