Chemo or chemotherapy is a name we give to drugs that we use to treat cancer. Well, actually what they do is they treat rapidly dividing cells. Now, as you know cancer is rapidly dividing cells that have forgotten how to stop growing, or they’ve got the accelerator pushed down… Continue Reading Cancer treatment: all about chemotherapy

Ty Bollinger: Yeah, that’s with our group, The Truth About Cancer, that’s our goal, to educate. Which, I appreciate everything that you’ve shared today, because it’s very educational. It’s to eradicate cancer, which, I think that using approaches like this, that’s possible. But it’s also to expose. That’s the three… Continue Reading The Big Pharma Is Against Natural Treatments for Cancer – Drs. Rath & Niedzwiecki

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It’s October, aka breast cancer awareness month. There’s so much pink stuff everywhere that no doubt by now you are aware: breast cancer exists. But that doesn’t tell us about what to actually expect when someone we love receives what can be a very frightening diagnosis. Breast cancer is the… Continue Reading How Does Chemotherapy Treat Breast Cancer?

Hi everyone. I am here today in Los Angeles with the lovely Elissa Goodman. She is a holistic nutritionist, a lifestyle cleanse expert and the author of Cancer Hacks. She is also a cancer survivor and has a really incredible story about what she went through and then also what… Continue Reading Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman on Cancer, Cleanses, Stress & More