The Patient School TV Don’t Panic! Remember, chest pain is usually due to a benign or self-limited illness Rarely – less than 1% – the heart is the source of chest pain in children gets better spontaneously over years The most common forms of chest pain in kids are related… Continue Reading İdiopatik Göğüs Ağrısı | Prof. Dr. Taner Yavuz

So if you’ve had a stent, you may not want to watch this video especially if you’ve had a stent and you felt like it worked. Maybe you want to close one eye. I’m gonna cover a study called the ORBITA study in which they actually did a sham procedure.… Continue Reading Stents for Chest Pains, Do They Work? (The ORBITA Trial)

Chest pain is the one of the most frequent reasons people come to the Emergency Department. Its numerous causes range from benign to life-threatening, with overlapping symptoms, making identification of serious problems difficult. Our goal is to tease out who is having, or at risk of having, an emergent problem.… Continue Reading Chest Pain: The 5 potentially lethal causes of chest pain

chest congestion treatment at home 1-Use Onion and Honey 2-Do Salt Water Gargle 3-Use Lemons 4-Drink Hot Tea with Lemon and Honey 5-Use Boiled Vinegar 6-Use Apple Cider Vinegar 7-Get Steamy Shower 8-Drink Herbal Tea 9-Use Ginger

how you doing guys so we got a patient over here he’s been experiencing was a past nine years low back pain and neck pain right but what’s more recently in July you start to experience a lot of front chest pain over here especially right at the xyphoid process… Continue Reading Costochondritis, Rib pain, chest pain HELPED by Dr Suh Gonstead Chiropractic

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again the chest pain and the rib pain that you were having? – It’s right here. This whole part. – This whole thing? – Yeah. – Okay. – That’s actually pain this way. – Right over here? – Does it bother you when… Continue Reading HUGE, STABBING CHEST and RIB PAIN Helped By Gonstead Chiropractic

Chest pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, including things like angina, heart attack, but we also know palpitations can also bring on chest pains. These are the worrying causes, but there are other causes as well. Things like acid reflux can precipitate chest pain. The chest wall… Continue Reading What causes chest pain & what to do?

I know that feeling. The tightness in your chest, you feel like the world’s closing in on you. Your pressure is coming on. Your breathing is very shallow and you feel anxious and you just can’t move forward. You’re stuck in this nervous, anxious feeling. I remember laying on my… Continue Reading How To Heal Chest Pain Anxiety