Patient: When I first came in, my symptoms were…I had numbness all through my left arm. I couldn’t extend my ring finger all the way. I couldn’t feel anything in my pinky finger. My wrist hurt. My elbow hurt. And I had limited range of motion…all around. And a lot… Continue Reading Ulnar Nerve Entrapment: MRT® Treatment Success

All right guys, let’s talk a little bit about what’s important to all of us guys. How good are our hard-ons? How good are our erections? Let’s be serious, as we get older, a lot of stuff happens that makes us lose our libido and lose our erections, so that… Continue Reading NEW Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That Lasts – Agenixs Chicago

Around junior high, things started going not in the right direction. And so Samantha had always been a really good student, and she was having difficulty in school. She was a three-sport athlete and she was having problems with her coordination. My husband had noticed that when Samantha took a… Continue Reading Treating Niemann-Pick Disease Type C

Welcome to the Elite Body Data YouTube channel, where we tackle your common fat loss as well as muscle gain questions. Additionally, we promote the benefits of using the latest and greatest fitness technology so you can reach your goals faster. So if you want to reach your body goal… Continue Reading Precisely Measure Your Full Body by Using a Styku 3D Body Composition Scanner