Patient: When I first came in, my symptoms were…I had numbness all through my left arm. I couldn’t extend my ring finger all the way. I couldn’t feel anything in my pinky finger. My wrist hurt. My elbow hurt. And I had limited range of motion…all around. And a lot… Continue Reading Ulnar Nerve Entrapment: MRT® Treatment Success

All right guys, let’s talk a little bit about what’s important to all of us guys. How good are our hard-ons? How good are our erections? Let’s be serious, as we get older, a lot of stuff happens that makes us lose our libido and lose our erections, so that… Continue Reading NEW Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That Lasts – Agenixs Chicago

Around junior high, things started going not in the right direction. And so Samantha had always been a really good student, and she was having difficulty in school. She was a three-sport athlete and she was having problems with her coordination. My husband had noticed that when Samantha took a… Continue Reading Treating Niemann-Pick Disease Type C