Pain Management with chiropractic treatment in Charlotte If you have suffered from acute and chronic pain and are looking for a licensed and professional chiropractic physician, visit located at Charlotte North Carolina. At ChiroCarolina, we are specialist in the treatment of chronic and acute pain to proven chiropractic practices.… Continue Reading ChiroCarolina – Pain Management with chiropractic treatment in Charlotte

Ty Bollinger: So let me start out to begin with, let me ask you, how did get involved with what you’re doing? You’re a chiropractor. You specialize in nutrition. You’ve treated people with cancer. I mean how did you get involved in this line of work? Did you dream of… Continue Reading Dr. David Jockers – Why I Got into Alternative Medicine

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Hey guys, what’s going on, my name is CJ Estes and this is my testimonial video I’m making for The Get Well Center with Dr. John Bolte. When Dr. John first reached out to me a couple days ago asking me if I would put together a short little video… Continue Reading Headache and Migraine treatment that actually works – No painkillers – no medications – no surgery.

Hi, when you follow Dr. Z’s regimen you’ll be on the road to good health as Steve