Okay. Now, I want to talk about one of the questions that I hear all the time in chiropractic and that is our chiropractors real doctors. Yes, yes they are. Chiropractors are real doctors just as an MD is a doctor, as podiatrist is a doctor. We’re doctors just the… Continue Reading What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Medical Qualifications of Chiropractors

this is Doctor Moran from kinetic chiropractic and we’re going to be talking to you guys today about a real common problem that we see that we get real good results with here in our office and that would be headaches and migraines. About 1 in 6 people suffer from… Continue Reading Millard Headache and Migraine Relief | Kinetic Chiropractic | Dr. Arnoldo Moran

Hi, my name is Dorra, I’m 43 years old, I’m a former competitive swimmer turned triathlete. I love going to The Joint for my adjustment so I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 16 years and when I retired, I just started feeling achy, everything… Continue Reading Dorra’s Back, Baby | The Joint Chiropractic

A systematic review by Zhang published in the European Spine Journal looked at Modic changes in low back pain. And just for a little bit of a review. Modic changes are vertebral endplate changes that have been strongly associated with low back pain. There’s 4 different types. Type 0 is… Continue Reading Modic Changes and Low Back Pain

I have a secret weapon if you have sacral earth tailbone pain so sometimes people don’t even know what it is and often I’ll hear it described as hip pain or pain in my butt and so I want to show you guys exactly what we’re talking about so this… Continue Reading Quick Fix for Sacral or “Tailbone” Pain

(upbeat music) – I actually have a, like, it hurts more to turn this side than this side, that’s for sure. – Okay – So, I guess this side would be worst. Yeah it moves much better. (chuckle) Normally it’s just like a soreness. – Yeah. – But um, yeah… Continue Reading PAINFUL NECK AND BACK – HELPED WITH GONSTEAD METHOD

How are you doing? I’m Dr. Bill Booker, and today we are going to be going over what we call functional bridge. The purpose of the bridge is to turn on primarily the glute medius muscle and the glute maximus. What we tend to find is most people with low… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 1 of 8

(upbeat electronic music) – Can you actually show me where the pain is, so… – It’s been basically here in the lower back. – So it’s mostly here on the left side. – Yes. – Not really here. – Yeah, not there. – Right here. – Yes. – And then… Continue Reading CHRONIC PAIN – GONSTEAD Chiropractic Adjustment