How are you doing? I’m Dr. Bill Booker, and today we are going to be going over what we call functional bridge. The purpose of the bridge is to turn on primarily the glute medius muscle and the glute maximus. What we tend to find is most people with low… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 1 of 8

(upbeat electronic music) – Can you actually show me where the pain is, so… – It’s been basically here in the lower back. – So it’s mostly here on the left side. – Yes. – Not really here. – Yeah, not there. – Right here. – Yes. – And then… Continue Reading CHRONIC PAIN – GONSTEAD Chiropractic Adjustment

(upbeat music) – Can you actually show me where, ’cause I’m looking at your spine now, where are you feeling the pain on that? – Oh, right here. – Oh, it goes all the way up to there. – Yes. Right here, oh yeah, right here, and then right here.… Continue Reading Sciatica CHRONIC PAIN relief through Chiropractic Adjustment

(uplifting pop music) – Like that. – Like doing that motion? – Yeah. – Like doing it like that? Okay. I don’t want you to go too hard but I want you to do that same motion a bit harder now, but putting on your shoe. – Okay – So… Continue Reading CONSTANT BACK PAIN FOR 5 YEARS | INTERO CHIROPRACTIC

0:07 “Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Jacobs and I am a doctor of physical therapy and the inventor of advanced soft tissue release (ASTR specialty). So Shauna, tell me what is going on with your jaw.” “Well unfortunately I’ve had jaw pain and clicking for about 4 years now,… Continue Reading The Best TMJ/ Jaw Pain Relief Treatment! (THIS IS REAL!!)

This is Dr Tim Smith from New Life Chiropractic, your drug free doctor. Now a lot of people ask me about what kind of bed should they use. There’s a lot of claims out there about beds doing this are beds doing that. But we really want to focus on… Continue Reading What is the best mattress to use to prevent back pain?

hey guys dr. al powers chiropractic group wanted to take a minute and talk to you about chiropractic and low back pain it’s not very surprising that most people who come to a chiropractor actually come in for low back pain it’s actually almost 50% and that’s very common because… Continue Reading Chiropractic and Low Back Pain

(upbeat music) – Absolutely yeah, like, when I open, it pops. So, like. – Okay, gotcha. – Holy God. – You all right? – Yes. (laughing) I’ve been feeling that for over two years. – If I understand it, you have TMJ and neck pain. – Yeah. – Yep. So… Continue Reading AMAZING RELIEF FOR TMJ PAIN WITH GONSTEAD TECHNIQUE

(perky electronic music) – Okay, so you only feel on the left side, right? – Yeah, as of pain-wise, it’s usually on the left-hand side. – Okay, and you said you feel it here to here? – Yeah, here, here, but this, usually here is more, it’s usually very intense,… Continue Reading CHRONIC Pain in Neck **ANNOYING** Helped With Famous Gonstead Technique