Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Today I’m going to share with you my secrets to curing plantar fasciitis, and I can tell you from being a tri-athlete myself, over the years I’ve struggled with injuries and pain like plantar fasciitis and ITB syndrome and other injuries that for most people… Continue Reading Natural Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here. In this video, I’m going to share with you my top natural strategies to cure a sore throat, and my top home remedies for sore throats. And these are very easy things or simple things that a lot of you guys probably already have stocked… Continue Reading How to Treat a Sore Throat Naturally | Dr. Josh Axe

– No! No! (Ned screams) (upbeat music) Worst video ever take one. There’s not gonna be a take two, because I am getting this over with as quickly as possible. Recently, The Try Guys did a video where we got our bones cracked. I was unavailable but also I did… Continue Reading Ned Reacts To The Try Guys Bone Cracking Video

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Blake from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. Happy Friday, we’re doing a little Facebook Live and we’re recording this for YouTube. We’re gonna show you guys some dry needling for a patient who’s had scoliotic surgery. So you can see we’ve got Lauren in the office,… Continue Reading Chiropractor in Towson Dry Needling Treatment for Back Surgery Patient

Hi, so I came to see Dr. Bolte about 6 years ago. because I had a pain in my back and neck area that wouldn’t go away for two years. So I came in and he did some kind of pressure points, used some magic I call it, and then… Continue Reading Neck & Back Pain Treatment – Chiropractic Care – The Get Well Center

(gentle music) – Hi everybody, it’s Dr. Blake from Doctors Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic. We’re gonna take a break from our regularly scheduled program with Dr. Jeff and the neck stretches after a plane ride because Ashley came to me this morning and said, we’ve been doing a lot of… Continue Reading Effective Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Hey guys, what’s going on, my name is CJ Estes and this is my testimonial video I’m making for The Get Well Center with Dr. John Bolte. When Dr. John first reached out to me a couple days ago asking me if I would put together a short little video… Continue Reading Headache and Migraine treatment that actually works – No painkillers – no medications – no surgery.

Hey, guys. Dr. Axe here. In this video, I’m going to talk about high estrogen foods you must avoid and also estrogen-rich foods that can destroy your health and really cause major hormonal issues. There are a lot of things that people are eating today that are disrupting their hormones,… Continue Reading The Top 5 High Estrogen Foods to Avoid | Dr. Josh Axe

welcome dr. Bliss thank you very much how are you very well thank you dr. bliss is my doctor because I add a lot of pain back pain and a lot of illness also I have ministry I have gone to many hospital and doctors I took a lot of… Continue Reading LINES ON FOREHEAD MEANING / YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE / YÜZÜNÜZ HAYATINIZDIR

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute, and we’re going over manual release of the gastroc and soleus complex. Keep in mind this is a video for educational purposes, and I’m assuming that if you’re watching this video to learn this technique you are a licensed manual practitioner, and you… Continue Reading Gastrocnemius and Soleus Manual Static Release (Trigger Point Release)