hi everybody my name is Sherri and I am the lead host for the Invisible Disabilities Community on Inspire so you will see the community right here this is Inspire and the group is brought to you by the Invisible Disabilities Association which is a nonprofit organization that reaches out… Continue Reading How to Post | Invisible Disabilities Community | Support Group

oops I stepped on him. very sherpa Christmas that’s acknowledging that we didn’t actually do anything about it see you next year but I’m still wearing my doggie pants that would be it good morning everyone I am still wearing the same shirt as yesterday but I have now I… Continue Reading SEE YOU NEXT YEAR | NEW PAIN PLAN

Hi! I’m Paula, the GruiShui Gal! Are you ready to have the strongest core of your life? Then stay tuned and I’m going to show you how with a daily workout I call GruiShui with no sit-ups, no sweat, no pain, and no overexertion. In this video I share the… Continue Reading Why the GruiShui Workout is Best for Pain Relief | Core Strengthening | Health & Wellness

– [Arturo] Mi intención siempre ha sido idear un plan de bienestar fácil y rápido para poder ayudar a muchas personas a superar obstáculos de salud. Soy Arturo Mesquite, y de verdad creo que es completamente posible vivir una vida saludable y feliz. He estudiado, investigado, y ayudado a miles… Continue Reading Chronic Pain – Learn About The Fastest Recovery Treatment!

I got a neck loop! [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Hello! So today I had a migraine. My brain still doesn’t quite work, but I can see now so that’s good. Sorry about the lighting in this video, because I didn’t expect it to get dark at 2:30 in the afternoon.… Continue Reading Hearing Aid Accessories: I Got A Neck Loop! || Vlogmas Day 11 [CC]

Dad, Good seeing you last week. I should have followed my own advice. I told you to lock up your pills, but never locked up mine. Someone stole half the dog’s pain pills. I don’t know who took them. Only a few friends and family have been in the house.… Continue Reading It’s Important to Properly Store and Dispose of Pain Medicine

Hey guys, so today I’m reviewing four different types of topical pain patches. These are really common ones that you can find at Duane Reade Walgreens, I’m from New York. That’s why I say Duane Reade CVS places like that, and I know that sometimes people will use like creams… Continue Reading Reviewing different pain patches…which is the best?

Hey, guys, I appreciate you tuning in for this episode of the Mental Minute. Today we’re gonna be talking about why we are sick. You know being sick, being unhealthy is not a natural thing. Being healthy is. There’s nothing natural about the body’s imbalances of trying to correct something… Continue Reading The Sickness Of Society | How To Get Your Body In Balance | The Mental Minute