(perky electronic music) – Okay, so you only feel on the left side, right? – Yeah, as of pain-wise, it’s usually on the left-hand side. – Okay, and you said you feel it here to here? – Yeah, here, here, but this, usually here is more, it’s usually very intense,… Continue Reading CHRONIC Pain in Neck **ANNOYING** Helped With Famous Gonstead Technique

Howdy! My name is Aaron Boster, thanks for tuning in to an impromptu educational opportunity here at OhioHealth MS Cenrer. Today I want to speak about pain in Multiple Sclerosis. When I attended medical school they taught me that MS doesn’t cause pain and they taught me wrong. There’s a… Continue Reading Multiple Sclerosis can hurt! Pain Syndromes in MS

hello I’m Dr. Paul Bekkum from All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center here today we’re going to discuss prescription foot orthotics and migraine headaches. These just happen to be a few things I guess that have cropped up in the office just over this last week and want to make… Continue Reading Do you have migraine headaches? How about foot and leg pain?

I was referred to you guys through my general practitioner I suffered from severe migraines I had seen a neurologist, an ENT I was on a number of medications I was suffering severely, I was almost unfunctionable in daily life. When I heard about you guys, I came for my… Continue Reading Chronic Migraines Cured By TMJ Disorder Dental Treatment

(light upbeat music) – Ooh. – Okay. (light upbeat music) (light upbeat music) – Let’s see what’s going on here. Wow! I already can see the asymmetry. So you feel the pain, right… – Yeah, mostly in my lower back and my mid-back. And from my mid-back it radiates to… Continue Reading 10 Years of *SEVERE* Pelvis Pain Helped By Gonstead Chiropractor

(upbeat music) – In my shoulder I’ve had that pain now for about eight or nine months. I have pain in my neck, my mid-back, and my lower back. – 0kay, mid-back as in here or in here? – Um, here. – Oh, okay. That’s kinda far down, okay. –… Continue Reading NERVE PAIN Down The Arm Helped with GONSTEAD Chiropractic

(upbeat music) I’m just gonna figure out how you move right now. But before I do that, can you show me where you’re feeling the pain now that I’m looking at your spine? Right around there. You feel it there? Wow, that’s kind of low down. Is that where you… Continue Reading Chronic Pain with Leg *TINGLING* Helped with Gonstead Chiropractic

– Whoa, whoa, whoa. – You feel that knot? – Yeah. – Okay. Yeah, in my shoulder and my arm. (upbeat music) Can you show me, ’cause I know that we’re having pain down the shoulder and the neck, so can you show me again where you have it exactly?… Continue Reading INTENSE NECK and SHOULD PAIN Helped at Intero Chiropractic