Hello I’m Karen and I’m 57 years old and I have been dealing with tinnitus which I thought was connected to the ear nose and throat or whatever it I tried every treatment out there I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the past 15 years at least nothing… Continue Reading Inspiring Story about Tinnitus, Migraines and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Farmington, MI.

Hi! It’s Anna from ExploreBeautyXO. Welcome back to my channel! I started off with doing my eye look off-camera but I promise I will post details, probably on my Instagram. I did ask you guys on my Instagram Stories before what you wanted to see first if you wanted to… Continue Reading CBD haul GRWM | Migraine & chronic pain | ExploreBeautyXO

Hey guys -welcome to this week’s video! I do apologize for the lateness. Unfortunately, my chronic pain flared up, which is why I’m making this video, but it meant that I couldn’t do my usual filming uploading schedule .I was going to try and vlog yesterday, Sunday ,as a sort… Continue Reading How to Cope with Chronic Pain [CC]

hi and thank you so much for joining me on changing the face of fibromyalgia I have to say I’m sorry that I didn’t get a video uploaded this past Thursday but I had some technical issues so I had to pull my wand out bibbidi-bobbidi-boo fix my technical issues… Continue Reading FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOMS | HEALING THROUGH CHIROPRACTIC CARE

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(upbeat music) – Can you show me again where you’re having the headaches? – Here. On both sides. – It’s on both sides? – Yeah. – It goes from here, and it goes up and over that way? How long have you had this for again? – 20 years. –… Continue Reading 20 Years of Migraines Improved with Gonstead!

– I think it’s really important to enjoy life and if you can have a slice of that big pizza once a week and that’s gonna make you so happy. So I’m more all about the 80% healthy zone, 20% indulge. (intriguing music) When somebody comes into my office and… Continue Reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s Go-to Osteopath Reveals How You Can Be Your Own Pain Investigator

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