I’ve mentioned by health problems a couple times on this channel, but never in context. You guys have been really supportive and nothing but understanding, so I thought you deserved the whole story. Also, I get a lot of comments and questions asking about how I’m doing so I thought… Continue Reading Life with Neurofibromatosis and Chronic Migraines | Health Update

Hello, my fellow Internetians. Welcome to a video that probably should be scripted but I… am not doing that. I am going to talk about invisible pain and much like pain can just come upon you, the idea to make this video kind of just overwhelmed me. So, here we… Continue Reading invisible pain II nowhalle II CC

Woke me up 4am, so messed up Gonna last all day then all night and the next day too Takes 40 hours from you Or, maybe up to 72 Try all the usual medicine None of it will ever prove to be very effective Turn the lights out, make it… Continue Reading In Pain With A Migraine

(intense music) – I lost my pants again (chuckles). (record scrapes) (sighs) It’s us again. – [Lara] You probably don’t have to wonder how we ended up here. I’m Lara. – [Kelsey] And I’m Kelsey. – [Lara] And we’ve made so many damn videos about our chronic pain, we can’t… Continue Reading Traveling When You Have Chronic Pain

(gentle music) – There’s a number of things that can contribute to the persistence of pain. One can be a persistent input. So if there’s a damaged nerve or something like that that ends up firing off just spontaneous signals that go up the pathways up to the brain that… Continue Reading Care to Share: How your brain causes you pain

Hi pals! I’ve been seeing a lot more doctors recently for chronic pain and one of those doctors told me that if I could find five things to improve the quality of my life throughout this treatment plan then I would be doing okay. And that should be kind of… Continue Reading BOTOX INJECTIONS FOR MIGRAINES | MEDICAL PROCEDURE

Hello chums! It’s Editing Jessica again. I think we know if we start the video with Editing Jessica then it probably didn’t go too well earlier. That’s all I’m going to say on that. So I wake up this morning feeling… felling rather awful. Building… Building sense of impending doom.… Continue Reading I Filmed My Chronic Migraine // Christmastide Day 11 [CC]

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So you want to know how to instantly get rid of a migraine? Great state tuned, but first a disclaimer. Welcome back guys I’m Michael I’m a massage therapists in Team Beachbody Coach. So we’re going to talk about migraines and a trick that I use in order to instantly… Continue Reading How to instantly stop a Migraine!