So far we’ve spoken of homeopathy as a science, and even your speculative approach is still based on a scientific rationale. But there are also people in our profession that go beyond what I might call “modern homeopathy” to what I might call “post-modern homeopathy”, for instance using unorthodox approaches… Continue Reading Jan Scholten interview (3/4): Scientific Development of Homeopathy

In Homeopathy we learn, we learn that each organism has its own severity of state, that means: headache one person, headache the other person. In this headache, which is similar to his headache, it’s much more easy to cure than this headache, that means there is a depth on this… Continue Reading E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas

Welcome, Jan, to Toronto! Thank you for taking the time today to share of your life’s work on this beautiful fall day. You don’t need much introduction, but you could tell us a little bit about your early years and under what circumstances you first encountered homeopathy. It was after… Continue Reading Jan Scholten Interview (1/4): Classifying Homeopathic Remedies

Egy egyedülálló hely, ahol Klasszikus Homeopátiát lehet tanulni A Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája A hely, ahol tanulni lehet: a Klasszikus Homeopátia Nemzetközi Akadémiája Az eszköz, ami által tanulni lehet: Prof George Vithoulkas E-learning programja A világ összes nagy homeopatája George Vithoulkas Prof. tanítványa volt. Egy inspiráló Tanító egy egyedi Tanfolyamon,… Continue Reading A Unique Place to Learn Classical Homeopathy