I thought that I should make a video on Matrix [opal] specifically Australian Andamooka Matrix opal [this] can this material can be treated and Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll get results like this, so trying to keep this short let’s Let’s get into it. [I] started on this particular piece… Continue Reading Andamooka Matrix Opal Treatment!

Hello friends, welcome back to Divine Care.I have been receiving a lot of requests to make a video on breast enlargement so today’s video on it.Firstly let’s talk about the reasons-the main reason is hereditary, genetics, second reason is hormonal imbalance or emotional imbalance , stress ,depression being major reasons… Continue Reading PART I Breast Enlargement treatment by Acupressure

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care. Today we’ll be talking about Parkinson’s disease. Also at the end of the video we’ll discuss an emergency point as usual. Firstly let’s understand what is Parkinson’s disease. It’s a neurological disorder and a degenerative disease. It’s related to our nervous system. Our… Continue Reading Treatment of PARKINSON by Acupressure & Seed Therapy

Hello friends, Welcome back to my channel Divine Care ok, so today we’ll be talking about points which are helpful for increasing our height.Basically , there are growth hormones secreted in our body which are responsible for our height growth. This secretion of growth hormone varies from person to person.… Continue Reading Treatment to Increase Height

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care. In today’s video we’ll be talking about cold and flu. Cold and flu are viral infection. Less body resistance power people catch this infection easily. Mostly this infection occur during season change. It mainly affects our respiration system i.e throat and nose. Body’s… Continue Reading Treatment of COLD & FLU with Acupressure points