Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals – Beyond Energy Healing Hello, I’m elma with and if you are a healing arts practitioner, a health practitioner of any kind, like a doctor, or a nurse or a chiropractor acupuncturist, natureopath, homeopath, raiki practitioner, any kind of an energy healer what… Continue Reading Beyond Energy Healing – Now Healing 101 for Health Professionals

A lot of times when a person is is completed with treatments everybody around them is like oh you’re good it’s fine time to move on and they’re just starting to kind of embrace what the hell just happened what did I just go through …thank you so much for… Continue Reading How to Heal from Breast Cancer with Complementary and Holistic Medicine: Integrative Oncology

My name is Dr Romy Lauche and I work for the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the Faculty of Health. My Chancellor’s Post Doc research project is about the health complementary medicine and informal healthcare use in older Australian women with anxiety and depression. I’d say… Continue Reading Examining complementary medicine informal healthcare use for depression and anxiety in older adults

[text overlay] Leading complementary medicine research, UTS: ARCCIM Professor Jon Adams: Our centre’s focused on exploring and explaining a whole range of issues around what is a very significant health care and public health issue – the use of complementary medicines by the general public and different communities. What’s important… Continue Reading ARCCIM: leading complementary medicine research

– Our next speaker is gonna talk about Complementary and Integrative Therapies for autism and this is Dr. Robert Hendren. Dr. Hendren has been a speaker at the conference in the past and always does a great job. He’s a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science, the division of child… Continue Reading Complementary and Integrative Therapies