– It’s scary. Like what’s the point? What’s the point of playing professional sports? It’s supposed to be for memories, you know? If you can’t remember that anymore it’s really scary. We’re in Florida. Orlando, Florida. I’m getting personal treatment for the head traumas that I sustained while playing in… Continue Reading Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo discusses head trauma and treatment | The Players’ Tribune

Hello, I’m Ilene Ruhoy. I am a board-certified neurologist, and I am the founder of the Center For Healing Neurology. Neurologic symptoms can really impair quality of life, and so it’s always been my mission to help people feel good and healthy and happy for as long as they can.… Continue Reading Seattle Center for Healing Neurology, Dr. Ilene Ruhoy ( Seizures, Concussions, Migraines, Wellness)

A concussion causes symptoms that can keep you from work, playing the sports you love, or even socializing with friends and family. Following a concussion, energy stores in the brain drop over the first few hours to days. However, this change in energy levels is only temporary as most research… Continue Reading Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation – Complete Concussion Management

So my name is Rebecca Manno, and I’m a rheumatologist at Johns Hopkins. So first I’d like to thank the organizers for the invitation to be here, and to talk about a very big, but very relevant topic, which is autoimmunity. So, as I mentioned, I’m a rheumatologist. I’m not… Continue Reading Haywire: Autoimmune Disorders in Women