hi everybody my name is Sherri and I am the lead host for the Invisible Disabilities Community on Inspire so you will see the community right here this is Inspire and the group is brought to you by the Invisible Disabilities Association which is a nonprofit organization that reaches out… Continue Reading How to Post | Invisible Disabilities Community | Support Group

Hey guys, so we recently attended the Paleo f(x) conference in Austin, Texas for the second year in a row and far from being at just a paleo conference it’s more of an ancestral health conference that brings together some of the top neurologists, cardiologists, MD’s, and researchers to talk… Continue Reading Top Health Tips From One of the World’s Premier Holistic Health Conferences

I have a concern about evidence-based medicine. It has immense value, but i’m concerned that within the medical system it’s become the be all and end all that is to medicine. And while it has value, I also wanna show you that I think we need a revolution with regard… Continue Reading An Integrative Holistic Approach to Evidence Based Medicine – Daniel Friedland, MD, ABIHM

The treatment of epilepsy is usually pharmacological that is based on on drugs on molecules that you take and they go to they go all over your body and and some some of it will got to your brain and will have an action there but with understanding of epilepsy… Continue Reading What are the alternative treatments for Epilepsy? – AngelmanUK

Allopathy or conventional medicine and homeopathy are the two ways how patients can be treated They are two different systems of medicines. I call them twin sisters! Homeopathy and allopathy are not inimical or enemies or contrary to each other In fact they should work hand in hand for the… Continue Reading Can Homeopathy & Allopathy work together?

Thank you for the very kind introduction, this will truly be something different than what you just heard. I’m blown away by the speakers here, and by the speeches, and by all of you. I have to say, I go to a lot of meetings, I talk to a lot… Continue Reading How Neuroscience Can Hack Your Brain’s Potential | Dr. Andrew Huberman [Full Talk]

Reviewer: Tanya Cushman Hello, everybody. Thank you very much for inviting me to Bratislava. You know, it’s a funny story. I was coming backwards and forwards to Vienna and using the London-Bratislava line, taking flights almost every other week. And a very nice woman sat next to me on what… Continue Reading TEDxBratislava – Charmian Wylde – The wonder of Chinese medicine