5. Difficulty Sleeping Between 9-10 p.m.You May Be Stressed. If you don’t feel relaxed and sleepy at this time, this could be due to stress. Try meditation before you go to bed. Emma Richards of Marie Claire also suggests Yoga Nidra, for sleep meditation, to really usher in the zzz’s.… Continue Reading If You Wake Up At The Same Time Of Night All The Time, It Could Reveal Something About Your Health

Do you Often Wake Up Between 3 am to 5 am? Here is what it means We often see on any news or magazine that some of us have experienced many weird conditions, some paranormal, and some others experienced a normal or even magical conditions. And believe it or not,… Continue Reading Do you Often Wake Up Between 3 am to 5 am? Here is what it means

Life is fundamentally different from dead stuff—or is it? Physicist Erwin Schrödinger defined life this way: Living things avoid decay into disorder and equilibrium. What does this mean? Let’s pretend that your download folder is the universe. It started orderly and got more and more chaotic over time. By investing… Continue Reading What Is Life? Is Death Real?

The Bars is 32 different points on the head. They are basically like hitting delete file on your computer bank. Garbage in equals garbage out, so when you have too much stuff on your computer, it sort of jams it, and things don’t work. So with this stuff, what it… Continue Reading Access Consciousness The Bars