interuniversalism is a new window in understanding creation and existence and is becoming a worldwide idea and being taught across the world to over 5 million students master Taheri came up with into universalism ideology through enlightenment and research for three decades he is currently kept in Evin prison in… Continue Reading Erfan Halgheh (Interuniversalism) Faradarmani and Psymentology dokumentary

today for me will be one of the most important and special transmissions I ever offer up to today of course because there’s another video to come after that YouTube right there’s always the next level but this is gonna be one of the most special transmissions I’ve ever offered… Continue Reading The Pain of Loss – Matt Kahn

Hello, my friends. Welcome to 30 days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene. And it’s Day 22. Let’s get started. Okay. So today, we’re going to begin on all fours. And I’m going to drop my elbows where my hands are underneath the shoulders. I’m going to keep them in… Continue Reading Day 22 – Full Body Awareness – 30 Days of Yoga

ADVANCED BODY CLASS ONE OF ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS CORE CLASSES When I first began Access, I was looking at how to create healing in people’s bodies, in order to get them to choose more consciousness. I was quite startled to discover that if they actually changed their point of view and… Continue Reading Access Consciousness Advanced Body Class

Can you just briefly touch on the role of natural therapies and how they can play a role in healing our bodies, like herbs or homeopathy or…? You understand of course, they are not working at the physical level as such. Even the herbs, which obviously have some effect on… Continue Reading Channelled Guidance: Using alternative medicine to overcome negative entities causing health issues.

♪ [music] ♪- [Vishen] My biggest highlight actually came before A-Fest. See, we don’t just randomly put on an event, call up a bunch of incredible speakers, promise them the time of their life in Greece, and then put them on stage. We actually test all their stuff out. So,… Continue Reading How To Reshape Your Body & Mind | Vishen Lakhiani

In the movie Self/Less, which hits theaters July 10th, Sir Ben Kingsley transfers his consciousness to Ryan Reynold’s body in an effort to stay alive forever, and effectively become immortal in a process called ‘shedding’. Which sounds pretty awesome – I mean who wouldn’t want more time to accomplish their… Continue Reading Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

hello and welcome back this week I want to introduce to you the people behind holistic within, but before we get to that point i want to tell you a little bit about the story that has brought us to where we are at so about twelve years ago my… Continue Reading Our story, From Diagnosis to Holistic Within

Runanubandha means, the physical memory that you carry within you. This can happen because of blood relationship. This can also happen due to sexual relationships, that body has a certain memory. It’s not appropriate to say genetic memory. Runanubandha is not like genetic factors being transmitted from parent to child.… Continue Reading Sadhguru – Body’s Memory – Washing of Runanubandha

it is time now to concentrate on you prepay nurturing and casting brushes outside of your mind a master of generated energy this poem body mind and still and collect deann energy and ways of healing above and beyond it is also in the united with your higher self this… Continue Reading Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit Guided Meditation