This is part two of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) video series. If you haven’t listened to part 1, please do so before you continue. Or at least, make sure you do so after listening to this second part. The direct link to part 1 is found below this video,… Continue Reading How To Fix IBS – A Proven Blueprint (part 2)

Let’s look at constipation. The probable cause is “Refusing to release old ideas. Stuck in the past. Sometimes stinginess.” Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. This week I will introduce you to this little book, it’s more like a booklet titled Heal Your Body by… Continue Reading Heal Your Body by Louise Hay – Massage Monday #481

[Music] natural remedies for IBS irritable bowel syndrome irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a gastrointestinal disorder caused by irritable and irregular movement of the small and large intestines it can also be called spastic colon and mucus colitis some signs of IBS are stomach cramping or pain constipation bloating… Continue Reading Natural Remedies for (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Alternative Treatments for IBS – Natural Cures

Everybody poops, but it’s not always convenient to poop when the need arises – such as when you’re in a business meeting, while you’re sitting in traffic, in the checkout line at Target, out at a restaurant dining with your friends, or teaching a room full of first graders. While… Continue Reading What Happens To Your Body When You Hold In Your Poop

[MUSIC] So fecal incontinence is the inability to hold your bowel or to have control of your bowel. And this can be one episode or daily episodes. And it results in soiling in your underwear, and it can be quite uncomfortable. It usually is more commonly seen in the elderly.… Continue Reading Fecal Incontinence: Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments | Colorectal Surgeon Susan Gearhart

We’ve all been there. You don’t feel well, and you think maybe you should see a doctor… but you don’t. Perhaps your local clinic is closed for the night, or you can’t get someone to drive you, or maybe you’re just in the American health care system. There are plenty… Continue Reading 6 Home Remedies Actually Supported by Science

It’s AumSum Time Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. What is a migraine? A bad headache!! Naahhh!! A migraine is not just a bad headache. It is often accompanied by other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to… Continue Reading What is Migraine? | #aumsum

After joint replacement you will need pain medication to help with the pain from surgery. As a physiotherapist I see how important pain management is to how well you will recover. Patients who told us they struggled with pain management after surgery said they didn’t know how to get the… Continue Reading Managing pain after hip or knee replacement

I’m Mic, and today: how your body transforms over time on a vegan diet. Now, I could just flash some success stories like how Tammy lost 70 pounds in two weeks on a vegan diet. Those stories are out there, but instead I want to be a little more intellectually… Continue Reading How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet