if you need one tool that will do the work of four you need to check out the contour SCT surface conditioning tool exclusively from eastwood the contour SE t surface conditioning tool will prep your metal for paint removing surface rust while leaving the tooth you need for perfect… Continue Reading The BEST Way To Strip Rust, Paint & Body Filler! Amazing New Tool from Eastwood.

– Full-body contouring. – What is it? – It sounds silly. – I can do it. – Let’s try it! – Let’s pump it all over this body. (metal squeaking) – I know that it has the word contouring in it. Full-body contouring is when you put a bunch of… Continue Reading Women Try Full Body Contouring • Ladylike

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Hello Sharon, how is your day? I hate these questions. They’re terrible. You know me, podcasts and soup, darling! What’s your favorite kind of soup, Sharon? What’s my favorite kind of soup? Well, you know, I still love a good old fashioned Top Ramen. Do they make Bottom Ramen? Perhaps.… Continue Reading PEG the Store: Episode Five – Sharon Needles