hello everyone, today on this video i will teach you how to make a pure american recipe: the meatloaf for this recipe you will need: 1 large onion 500g minced meat 3 crushed garlic cloves lukewarm milk salt, pepper and oregano (one tsp each) cheddar cubes, and 2 beaten eggs… Continue Reading PAIN DE VIANDE, UN PUR DÉLICE!/AMERICAN MEATLOAF

Drink This Herbal Tea For Amazing Health Benefits ! Everyone in this world is curious about his health. We start trying different things like fruits, drink different teas and take medicines to gain health benefits. Fever grass is another name of lemon grass and it smells like lemon. Lemon grass… Continue Reading what happens to your body when you drink this amazing tea And how to make it.

See What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 2 Guava Daily Guava is very common type of fruit in Asian countries, but is also readily available in western countries. The fruit is round or pear-shaped with light green, yellow or maroon skin and white or maroon flesh that contains… Continue Reading See What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 2 Guava Daily

– Hello, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are making soda bread. I’ve never made soda bread. I’ve never tried soda bread. So da you think it’s gonna nice? I do too. If you wanna try this recipe, hit pause… Continue Reading SODA BREAD RECIPE

Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish and in this video, I’m going to show you how to use some of my favourite English body idioms. English idioms probably drive you crazy! Idioms are really common expressions and together, the meaning of these expressions is different than the individual meaning of each… Continue Reading How To Use English Idioms |?? ? BODY IDIOMS ? ??|

For me at the moment my body fat percent is just under 10%. I mean, I wanna get that down to about 3%, ready for show day and I’m really pleased, I’m really pleased, I put on some good muscle and the definition is coming through already. And I haven’t… Continue Reading The Diet of a Champion Female Bodybuilder

Salut Guys and welcome to “French Guy Cooking” This is what we are gonna bake today ! I know valentine’s day is coming in just a few days but I won’t enter this commercial mess. No way ! I made my decision ! period ! you sure ? okay okay… Continue Reading Pain au Chocolat, Chocolate Croissant #mothersday