What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan. It’s day number three in May for Foot Health Month. So today’s video is gonna be a real-life application of what happens when you don’t wear proper footwear. Yesterday’s video, which by the way I’m filming today, was discussing the importance of proper footwear.… Continue Reading FOOT CORN REMOVAL FULL TREATMENT – FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #3

(music) Hey guys! How’s it going? I just want to say hi to all my toes out there. This is Jonathan, a.k.a. The Toe Bro, and first off I just want to say again thank you for all the views and all the comments! This is my first time ever… Continue Reading PAINFUL FOOT CORN REMOVAL & TIPS TO STOP FOOT CORNS!!!

Jonathan>Don’t worry cause you know it you’re not the model today. Your foot’s the model. Your foot’s gonna get all the glory today. Patient>>Oh, okay.>It’s stealing the glory from you.>>Okay. (music)>Are you okay in that chair, you still good?>>What are you going to do, flip me?>No, no you’re good, so… Continue Reading Painful Deep Foot Corn with Callus Removal Surgery