Here at iPEGS we help individuals, businesses and organisations to go paperless in this quick video I will try to answer the most common questions and give you as much information I can about our products and how they can help solve your problems if you’re in the beauty, aesthetics… Continue Reading Intro to iPEGS Remote Paperless Forms for the Beauty, Aesthetic & Holistic Industries

>>Dr. Lamperti: Hello my name is Dr. Thomas Lamperti and I’m a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the Seattle area. So what is my overall treatment philosophy? My treatment philosophy really focuses on communicating with my patients and discussing with them their options. I like to find out first… Continue Reading Treatment Philosophy: Communication & Safety | Dr.Thomas Lamperti | Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr: Is there anything you’re seeing on your face that you would like to improve? Eugene: How much time do we have? Keith: I’ve had way more insecurities about my body and physique than my face. Zach: My forehead is a little too big, I don’t like my chin, my… Continue Reading Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery?