Chronic coughing is defined as coughing on a daily basis for three weeks or longer. And in smokers, they cough every day and that’s a pretty common complaint. But if it’s a non-smoker, coughing that lasts longer than three weeks in duration is probably asthma, heartburn or postnasal drip. And… Continue Reading Chronic coughing: Possible causes and treatment

Because of the dramatic change of climate The temperature difference between morning and noon is very large. People can’t adjust their internal bodies to cope with today’s climate change. So it produces a series of symptoms. What if you have a cough? If it’s the simplest cough caused by cold… Continue Reading How to Stop a Cough with Chinese Acupoint Massage and Food Therapy

[Music] [Music] when did that start it started two days ago and now it’s like I wonder – okay all right sit tight relax okay I guess we good at right now okay can you feel the symptoms right now oh yes pretty much a lot are you view I… Continue Reading Coughing Throat pain – Balance Method The Academy of Acupuncture

Hi, I’m Penn and this is my partner Teller. You may have heard vaccination causes autism in one out of a hundred and ten children. F*** that. Total bullsh*t it doesn’t. But let’s imagine it does We’ll compare two groups of children. Teller’s group gets no vaccinations; My group does.… Continue Reading Penn and Teller on Vaccinations

Every time you smoke a cigarette, toxic gases pass into your lungs, then into your bloodstream, where they spread to every organ in your body. A cigarette is made using the tobacco leaf, which contains nicotine and a variety of other compounds. As the tobacco and compounds burn, they release… Continue Reading Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema

I’m gonna show you how to get rid of your cough first place your left thumb at the bottom of your throat and push it in for half a centimetre breathe in to your nose and breathe out through your mouth ha *exhales* and we gonna do this 10 times… Continue Reading Drink these 3 things to get rid of your dry cough in 5 minutes