There are many different ways of joining two yarns in crochet. I’m showing the one I prefer to use because it’s quick and you have no yarn ends to weave in, you just cut the ends after you’re done this works in any crochet stitch but i’m showing it in… Continue Reading Quick way to join new yarn in crochet

Hi! I’m Cori from Koori Style And today I’ve a new video for you. This time I’ll try a kit I got as a B-day present from my dear friend Ivet ♥ She sent me this Daiso kit to make a cute Kitty with the “needle felting” technique (sorry for… Continue Reading 【Daiso Kit: Neko】 1st Time Needle Felting ^.^/♥ (Eng/Esp)

Automatically translated by machine. Hey Besties! For today’s craft tutorial we’re going to do some needle felting! I’m actually really sick today, I have a cold or a flue or something really gross but I didn’t want to ruin my schedule of uploading things so today we’re going to do… Continue Reading How To Make A Needle Felted Pom Pom String – Craft Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

Welcome to so very easy, my name is Laura, and sewing machine needles have been around since, well, sewing machines have been around. Let’s face it. How much can change with the sewing machine needle? Well, Schmetz Needles 𝘩𝘢𝘴 changed the sewing machine needle. Schmetz has chrome-plated the needle. Now… Continue Reading New Chrome Plated Houshold Sewing Needles

Hi, Guys and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, as part of my Summer Knit Series, we are going to save abandoned baby birds by knitting Bird Nests for Charity! Last week, an article on the cover of my local San Francisco newspaper caught my attention: Knitters Answer WildCare’s call for… Continue Reading How to Knit a Birds Nest for Rescued Wildlife Animals

Hi my name is Donna from the My good friends at have asked me to do a tutorial video on the basics of crochet. This video is designed for the absolute beginner but can be used by other crocheters to review basic techniques. This video is video number… Continue Reading How to Crochet for Beginners – Easy and Simple Tutorial by Naztazia

Hi, I’m Valentina Castillo, graphic designer and embroiderer. You can find my work on my social media, or in the book “I Love My Dog Embroidery,” by MakikoArt, where I embroidered more than 40 breeds of dogs. I’ve really identified with “do it yourself” from a young age, this self-management… Continue Reading Needle painting para principiantes – Curso online de Valentina Castillo

Let’s start with the base.. Begin by felting a generous amount of toy stuffing, using the larger tape roll as a template. With every poke, the fibres will matt together and gradually contract. Keep adding more stuffing to create a denser base. The height of this model wound up being… Continue Reading Rick & Morty Plumbus – DIY Needle Felt

– Hashtag respect needle felters– (gasp) It happened! (slow exhale) No blood, okay. You know, my friends say I stress them out because (laughter) I do stuff like this, but just know, I stress myself out too. (static) (beep) So I feel I’ve always been a… crafty person. Literally, not… Continue Reading I Tried Needle Felting