hi and welcome back to Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole Reed and this is review weekly and today I’m reviewing a cute little product that I got in my sew sample box for January and it’s called la la’ needle bird and it’s a needle threader with a cutter… Continue Reading DDs Review Weekly -Product Review – Le Needle Bird Needle Threader

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. In today’s tutorial we’re gonna toss away the crochet hook and we’re going to do some crafting. [laughing] I don’t even know why this is funny me and crafting it’s like such a nightmare. But I’m going to be making my own stitch markers… Continue Reading Make Your Own Stitch Markers

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And I wanted to make one of those nice big tuffets, those big foot stools but I did find something that’s not, well, quite as big. It’s a little bit smaller. Matter of fact, it’s 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 small: It’s a miniature pincushion and it… Continue Reading Color Wheel Pin Cushion just like a Mini Tuffet

A digital row counter for knitting! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, I’m sharing with you these cute Digital Row Counters a fun idea to help with your knitting. They just attach to your finger and help you track your knitting row by row. I thought… Continue Reading DIGITAL ROW COUNTER | Knitting Tools

Welcome to Nifty Notions from SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. Today let’s make our own nifty notion and make a storage container for all those packages of sewing machine needles The first thing we’re going to need is a box. You can use a recipe box or a little a… Continue Reading Make Your Own Storage Box for Sewing Machine Needles

Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! It’s Hat Month and I have been receiving a lot of requests from you on how to knit on circular needles! Today with my five easy steps, you can start knitting in the round like a pro! When I make my… Continue Reading How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps | KNITTING TOOLS

(gentle guitar music) – [Instructor] Hi, this is Julie at Beadaholique and in this video, I want to introduce you to flexible twisted wire beading needles and that is what you see, right here, and they are super fine. Actually, I’m not sure how they’re going to show up on… Continue Reading Product Demo: Beadsmith Twisted Wire Needles

Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and thank you for joining me here at Studio Knit. Today, I want to talk about interchangeable circular needles. So we’ve used circular needles to create hats and I have an entire video all about how to use them I will link to that in the… Continue Reading KNITTING NEEDLE SET REVIEW 💖 Addi Click Interchangeable Circulars

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And today let’s make some little booklets with some fabric pages inside to keep our needles stored. The little needle booklets have two sides. You have your outside cover and the inside cover. You’re going to need two fat quarters. With the two… Continue Reading Needle Books

A TAPESTRY NEEDLE FOR KNITTING. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. So, today is a really quick one. We’re talking Tapestry Needle. Now, this is a little tool for your knitting that you probably had no idea you needed and I definitely wanted to make a point… Continue Reading TAPESTRY NEEDLE FOR KNITTING ► Day 4 Absolute Beginner Knitting Series