Howdy! My name is Aaron Boster, thanks for tuning in to an impromptu educational opportunity here at OhioHealth MS Cenrer. Today I want to speak about pain in Multiple Sclerosis. When I attended medical school they taught me that MS doesn’t cause pain and they taught me wrong. There’s a… Continue Reading Multiple Sclerosis can hurt! Pain Syndromes in MS

– [Presenter] Let’s talk about IUDs. IUD stands for intrauterine device. It basically means a device that is inside the uterus. The device is a small T-shaped, flexible plastic. They’re over 99% effective, making it one of the most effective forms of birth control. We’ll be looking at the two… Continue Reading Your Body On IUD Birth Control

>>This is your Marketplace. Can you really switch off your menstrual pain?>>Ah! Relief at last!>>Well, that’s the sell for Livia.>>Livia is a small, discrete device that will magically neutralize your menstrual pains. [ Bleep ] Oh, this is painful! Why the hell am I on a beach right now?!>>At 200… Continue Reading The truth about Livia and your period pain (Buzzkill)

Welcome to the Vitalife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today topic in the show is all about how to get rid of period cramps or menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms now this is you know huge concern for so many women and I’ve talked about a lot of the… Continue Reading Period Cramps Relief : How to Get Rid of Period Cramps Fast : PMS – VitaLife Show Episode 123

Hello Sir, Please tell me about yourself. My name is Col. R.P. Verma, I am from Army background. I worked 30 years in army. Now I am working as a General Manager in a company. Sir tell me about the problem because of which you met Dr.Vikram Chauhan? In 2006… Continue Reading Ulcers in the Large Intestine | Treatment | Real Testimonial

My name is Larry Cook and I would like to share with you four natural remedies that you can use to stop leg cramps and foot cramps right away. Let me start by saying that for quite a few years, I used to get leg cramps and foot cramps all… Continue Reading 4 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps & Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies

(soothing funky music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome back to my channel. My name’s Nikole and today we are talking about a different topic than I normally talk about, we’re talking about periods. And not the grammar period, but the menstrual period, that time of the month that comes every month… Continue Reading How to SURVIVE Your Period! 10 Tips to Have a Healthy Period.

How to Relieve Nausea with Acupressure. Stop that horrible sensation with a form of traditional Chinese medicine known as acupressure. You will need Two hands and acupressure wristband. If you feel pain when using acupressure, stop immediately. Pregnant women should not use acupressure. Step 1. Take one of your thumbs… Continue Reading How to Relieve Nausea with Acupressure

hi everyone my name is Marin and today I’m gonna be talking about the Seek Gains Massage Stick Roller.So A Lot of people may see this item and think it is only made for athletes and thats not true. This is a great self-massage tool for anyone. we all do… Continue Reading How to Use The Massage Stick Roller

So much of my experience, ever since I first got period cramps, was one of the great pain. I used to pass out, have to take 1,000 milligrams of Motrin every three hours, really really painful. So when I experienced reflexology and then on a more regular basis with certain… Continue Reading How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps & PMS | Reflexology