Don’t trust the insurance company when they call you up right after an accident trying to settle. Number one, you don’t know how much medical care you need. Number two, you haven’t had diagnostic testing yet. A lot of people have a good attitude and they think, “you know what,… Continue Reading Injured in Dallas Car Accident? Get Medical Treatment with Delayed Billing

– Tommy, You’ve been driving for hours. – I could take the wheel for a while. – Tommy Steale lives for the open road! – He’s a free bird. – We’ve been in this ruddy submarine since Tuesday. – I haven’t had a shag in two days! – A man… Continue Reading Sex Swing, Episode 6 – Billy Zane’s Phantom Pain | Rooster Teeth

– From the center of historic Exeter, New Hampshire, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle. Coming up this week, why cyclists are the toughest athletes even though we might not appear to be and conversely, why Parrier Bay is not… Continue Reading Why Cyclists Have The Highest Pain Threshold | The GCN Show Ep. 320