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Do you think it’s possible to control someone’s attention? Even more than that, what about predicting human behavior? I think those are interesting ideas. For me, that would be the perfect superpower, actually kind of an evil way of approaching it. But for myself, in the past, I’ve spent the… Continue Reading The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a disruption in brain function caused by an external blow to the head. And when you hear that definition, you might think about sports and professional athletes, since it’s the kind of injury we’re used to seeing on the playing field. And this… Continue Reading The surprising connection between brain injuries and crime | Kim Gorgens

I served six years in prison for drug trafficking. Some of y’all can probably relate to that, some of y’all, not looking at nobody in particular. Man, what you in here for? Assault? When you got here, was you liquored up? Yeah, so they got a tape on you in… Continue Reading When Your Mom Forces You to Fight a Bully – Ali Siddiq