I was told I would need radiotherapy after surgery but the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes so I needed chemotherapy in between so I was new radiotherapy was on the cards it’s something that kept me going through chemotherapy I knew that this was the last little hurdle… Continue Reading Having radiotherapy for breast cancer – Part One: Preparing for Treatment

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In order to do the radiation planning what we start off with is that you come over to the Radiation Center, and we’ll take you into a CT scan room, where we will make and set you up in the position that you’re going to need to be in for… Continue Reading Radiation Therapy: Treatments Part 1 – The Planning CT Scan

Have you ever wanted to see a perfectly replicated model of your insides, in stunningly realistic 3D? Yeah…me neither. Regardless, 3D body scanning is here, and it’s got some surprising applications. But do people actually want to use it? There’s been a sudden growth spurt in the market of 3D… Continue Reading 3D Body Scanning Is Here, and It Could Change How You See Yourself

hi welcome to MedCram let’s talk about pleural effusions so what is a pleural effusion well pleural effusion is basically a collection of fluid outside of the lung so if this were your thoracic cavity your lungs would inflate to fill that cavity almost completely however sometimes fluid can actually… Continue Reading Pleural Effusion Explained Clearly – Causes, Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Treatment,

So if somebody has a pleural effusion, and this is what we’re looking at right here, we’re looking at a set of lungs with a pleural effusion, we’re going to know that something is wrong based off of a couple of signs and symptoms that we’ll collect from the patient.… Continue Reading Pleural effusion diagnosis and treatment | Respiratory system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy