When I was younger, I learned the hard way People you love bring you pain Yeah Falling in love is nothing but heartbreak Nothing but trouble and games You were a hurricane Watching my walls tumbling down I was defeated You broke me, you left with no sound Cast your… Continue Reading Alien Child – No Trust, No Pain (Official Music Video)

– ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ Stand up ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ When I move, you move ♪ Just like that ♪ Hell yeah, hey DJ, bring that… Continue Reading T-Pain Gets The Crowd To ‘Stand Up’ – Ludacris Style | Lip Sync Battle: Hip Hop Awards Edition

Starting today I am going to be filming for about 1 month a video for you guys. I’ve been working on it and I’ve made a plan for the next 4 weeks in order to make a change in my body I’ve made a plan/routine of what I’ve been doing… Continue Reading [ENG] How to keep a healthy lean body💪🏼| 미나명의 한 달 슬림건강루틴, 필라테스 지옥, 우리 건강하게 살빼요!!

Bill: I come in today as a dancing human. My collaborator is a machine that doesn’t really know what a dancing human is. Mutaurwa: So, this project came about, and I guess it’s so much more of an experiment than a project because we don’t know what is about to… Continue Reading Body, Movement, Language: AI Sketches with Bill T. Jones

Our next guest has dedicated her entire life to studying the field of science and recently, she made the decision to change her career path and dedicate her time to teaching everyone about the human anatomy. Please welcome back our four year old expert, Brielle, and her mom, Carry. You’re… Continue Reading Brielle Teaches Ellen About the Human Body

House Dance Legends: Willy Pinedo From the House Dance documentary Check Your Body at the Door The real history of house dancing, with rare footage from the original clubs, featuring the real house dancers. Check Your Body at the Door is available on iTunes

このキスに二滴(ふたつ) 雫を垂らせば またキズになるわ それでも好きです 「バカだね」って他人(ひと)は 呆(あき)れて言うけど 月より妖しい あなたが好きです 優しさと痛み おんなじ心(ところ)で 感じながらみんな生きてるでしょ? 哀しみは我慢できる ただ孤独は嫌なの 愛されたい 禁断の花園で 咲いてしまった私 実りはしない 恋だって構わない 行方を阻(はば)むのが棘(いばら)でも 唱(とな)えるわ「Pain pain, don’t go away」

Kes – Body (Official Audio) “2018 Soca” (Trinidad)