– I think this should work. (chuckles) Hey guys, hey, hey, hey. Merry Christmas, merry, merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Next time I will upload a video will be on the 1st of January, a new year. This is the last video for this year, okay? This is the last… Continue Reading How to be EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE to MEN? Greta Bereisaite

Like it or not, people are making snap decisions about you all the time and oftentimes, they do it without even letting you speak. Quite frankly, you do the same thing to them which is why in this video, Valentine’s Day is coming so, we’re going to do three subtle… Continue Reading 3 Body Language Tips To Instantly Look More Attractive

I think when it comes to dating guys are often looking for the perfect thing to say to a girl and completely miss out on the importance of body language and being able to read how person feels is really key in developing a successful social relationship so I want… Continue Reading Casually Explained: Body Language