Who do you think is capable of doing this? I thought we wouldn’t look for them? We have nothing to do with this. We pretended to know nothing while we were at the party, but we can’t just leave the body here. – What if we call the police? –… Continue Reading Matilda hides Amor’s body | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

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[music playing] FRANCESCA FIORENTINI (VOICEOVER): That’s how I ended up in a body farm, the biggest one in the country. The Forensic Anthropology Research Center in South Texas studies how bodies decompose, and why. Their research helps law enforcement officers, forensic specialists, and scientists figure out when and how a… Continue Reading Welcome to the Body Farm | Explorer

Last month I visited a body farm in Texas. So these are places where researchers take recently deceased human bodies and they essentially just leave them out to decompose. So this research, mainly it’s helpful when law enforcement come across a body under mysterious circumstances, maybe a murder, and they… Continue Reading The fascinating process of human decomposition

Since the dawn of humanity, an estimated 100.8 billion people have lived and died, a number that increases by about .8% of the world’s population each year. What happens to all of those people’s bodies after they die and will the planet eventually run out of burial space? When a… Continue Reading What happens to our bodies after we die? – Farnaz Khatibi Jafari

My name is Carla Valentine and I’m the technical curator at Barts Pathology Museum. Prior to working in Barts Pathology Museum, I was an Anatomical Pathology Technologist or APT. It’s easier to call us morticians – I think people are really more aware of what a mortician is than an… Continue Reading Examining the body and post-mortem | The Morgue