Brianna: When you look at it, it is scary, but I don’t care. I flash it, I look at them and Okay, would you like to know more about it because I’m not contagious. It’s tumours. I wanted to break the stereotype of pageantry. So I have to put aquaphor… Continue Reading Pageant Queen Has Tumours On Half Her Body | BORN DIFFERENT

– In this video, I’m talking about an alternative way to treat single-sided deafness, coming up. (upbeat hip hop music) Hi, guys, Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona and I cover a bunch of hearing-related information to help make you a better… Continue Reading Alternative Treatment for Single Sided Deafness (SSD) | AmpCROS vs CROS, BiCROS, & BAHA Hearing Aids

Some Ayurvedic Medicine Worse Than Lead Paint Exposure In terms of antioxidant power, I couldn’t imagine anything ever beating out cloves. But then, silly as a goose, berry comes along. But then, in a whole ‘nother league, triphala. Triphala is the most commonly used herbal formulation in all of Ayurvedic… Continue Reading Some Ayurvedic medicine worse than lead paint exposure

Hello, I am Sanjay…my 4 years old son is taking treatment at Imperial Homeopathy. He was not able to hear properly. After starting homeopathic treatment… there is a lot of improvement in hearing Earlier when we had to repeat 2-3 times…and then he would respond Now he responds immediately….to just… Continue Reading Imperial Homeopathy for sensory neural deafness and intellectual growth

Labyrinthitis feels like You are on a fairground ride that you never wanted to get on in the first place That you are whizzing round and round It doesn’t matter whether your eyes are open or whether your eyes are shut you’re still whizzing round and round it makes you… Continue Reading Labyrinthitis and Vertigo (BPPV): Hazel’s story | NHS

hello friends you are welcome to our youtube channel APAKA HEALTH GURU today we are going to discuss about many problems related to ear here we are teaching you very simple treatment you can do this treatment at home without any medicines ,and hospital i will show you very simple… Continue Reading Acupressure Points For All EAR Problems , Hearing Loss , TINNITUS , Ear Pain , Deafness – In Hindi

Everything Cynthia Fuller does is done stratigically like how she talks on the phone and even how she sits in front of the TV. That’s because a virus left her completely deaf in one ear and with permanent buzzing, a condition called tinnitus, in the other. It’s the constant arranging… Continue Reading New option for hearing loss