The effects of exposure to space differ greatly depending on which movie you’re watching. Some people freeze instantly… …some swell and their eyes pop out… …some simply suffocate… …and some outright explode… …but they’re all in the same ‘space’, so who’s getting it wrong? I’m Stu, this Debunked, and we’re… Continue Reading What Happens When Your Body Is Exposed To Space? Myths Debunked

Welcome back! In part 1 of this series we saw how geocentrism fails to explain the seasons, understand the Earth’s tilt or explain basic observations of the inner and outer planets. In this part we’ll revisit that crazy sun spiral idea, which I’ll abbreviate to CraSS from now on. As… Continue Reading Testing Geocentrism – Part 2

Hello gnathostomes! Quackademia is a portmanteau coined to describe the encroachment of quackery into otherwise respectable and scientific medical institution. Increasingly, academic institutions are wasting money researching nonsense and the medical centres connected to them are offering patients “treatments” based on Stupid™, all usually under the branding of “integrative medicine”.… Continue Reading Pricks and Needles