Endodontic treatment (Step Back Technique) is also known as Telescopic canal preparation or serial root canal preparation. Step back technique emphasizes keeping the apical preparation small and producing a gradual taper coronally This technique was first described in 1960 by Mullaney basically this technique involves the the canal preparation into… Continue Reading Endodontic Treatment (Step Back Technique)

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[music playing] FRANCESCA FIORENTINI (VOICEOVER): That’s how I ended up in a body farm, the biggest one in the country. The Forensic Anthropology Research Center in South Texas studies how bodies decompose, and why. Their research helps law enforcement officers, forensic specialists, and scientists figure out when and how a… Continue Reading Welcome to the Body Farm | Explorer

Not all bodies, but a good amount of bodies, need tissue builder. It is lovely to help with building out faces such as sunken in temples, eyes, even lips. It’s like a botox for the deceased. My name is Miranda. I’m a mortician here at Milward Funeral Directors in Lexington,… Continue Reading I’m 30 & I Embalm Dead Bodies For A Living | Last Look | Refinery29

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