Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode I enlighten you about the chemicals that we all use throughout the day I promise you that I’ll share some remedies to prevent from this chemical, as we have alternative for everything Let’s start once again, we wake up and… Continue Reading ख़तरनाक़ CHEMICALS से बचने के रामबाण उपाय | Chemical Free Body & Lifestyle With Effective Methods |

Unfortunately, you cannot always prevent dental pain. Sometimes it’s just not up to you. Sometimes the condition just deteriorates into needing to see us. That being said, there is a lot that you can do and essentially, it’s keeping good oral hygiene. So preventing dental cavities and keeping your gingivitis… Continue Reading How can I prevent tooth pain?

Oftentimes, we’re asked whether or not a patient should pop an abscess, should they feel it when occurs. While you can pop an abscess to help drain some of the infection, one must understand that it does not eliminate the infection completely. When you… when you have an abscess, it… Continue Reading Dental Health : Can You Pop an Abscessed Tooth?