(Beverly) I have a top denture and it does not stay in place and it rubs my gums constantly and even when I was in my 20’s I had bad teeth so it was always you know when you would smile you would cover your mouth it just becomes a… Continue Reading DENTAL IMPLANTS End Years Of Pain And Discomfort for Beverly with NEW TEETH NOW!

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Patients with trigeminal neuralgia will tell you it’s it’s the worst pain of their life and people who have had terrible pains like childbirth or heart attacks or kidney stones will tell you it’s worse than that. And so it really is terrible debilitating pain that that really can stop… Continue Reading Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment (Face Pain) – Penn State Neurosurgery 5

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Dairy is full of both casein and whey. Those are the two main proteins in dairy, and a lot of adults don’t tolerate either casein or either whey. Casein is a more common problem in terms of the protein profile, and cow dairy has higher casein amounts than like, goat… Continue Reading Dairy Can Cause Sinus Problems, Joint Pain, Fatigue & Migraines Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND