Hi, I’m Dr. Jess Santucci and thank you so much for taking the time to look at our website. And thank you for watching this video. So I thought the first thing I would talk about is: Why — Why I do what I do because I think why is… Continue Reading Jess Santucci DDS — A Dentist Who Provides Migraine Relief to Dental Patients

Over the first 10 years of my career, as I started to evolve with the technology that I integrated in my practice, I was drawn to lasers. When you use and integrate technology in a manner that can improve the patient experience and be more efficient, it makes the patient’s… Continue Reading Solea Laser Technology – No Needle, No Drill, No Pain – Fantarella Dental Group in North Haven, CT

Before some days… Husband: Mom, Why there’s no clothes to change! What is she doing other than washing the clothes? All my clothes are dirty, How can I wear the same clothes again and again? Here’s the lunch, please eat on time Mom, I am leaving ask her to cook… Continue Reading Pennin vali (Woman’s Pain) – A Tamil Short film (English subtitles)

Hi, I’m Dr. Becky Coats with TMJ plus you probably are wondering why there’s like this q-tip in the nose so basically Samantha came in today, and basically she had Why don’t you tell them like pain everywhere. The whole left side of my face, my eye was swollen Couldn’t… Continue Reading How to relieve Jaw Pain & MIGRAINES…

(Beverly) I have a top denture and it does not stay in place and it rubs my gums constantly and even when I was in my 20’s I had bad teeth so it was always you know when you would smile you would cover your mouth it just becomes a… Continue Reading DENTAL IMPLANTS End Years Of Pain And Discomfort for Beverly with NEW TEETH NOW!

Endodontic treatment (Step Back Technique) is also known as Telescopic canal preparation or serial root canal preparation. Step back technique emphasizes keeping the apical preparation small and producing a gradual taper coronally This technique was first described in 1960 by Mullaney basically this technique involves the the canal preparation into… Continue Reading Endodontic Treatment (Step Back Technique)

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia will tell you it’s it’s the worst pain of their life and people who have had terrible pains like childbirth or heart attacks or kidney stones will tell you it’s worse than that. And so it really is terrible debilitating pain that that really can stop… Continue Reading Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment (Face Pain) – Penn State Neurosurgery 5

I was referred to you guys through my general practitioner I suffered from severe migraines I had seen a neurologist, an ENT I was on a number of medications I was suffering severely, I was almost unfunctionable in daily life. When I heard about you guys, I came for my… Continue Reading Chronic Migraines Cured By TMJ Disorder Dental Treatment

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