hello my name is Nadie. Welcome in my Eco Kitchen! Today we’re going to make deodorant. I started to make my own deodorant because after researching on the ingredients in commercial deodorants I didn’t want to use them anymore… So I’ll show you my recipe which works for most people.… Continue Reading My Eco Kitchen – It’s that easy to make deo!?!

(laughs) – We… This is so fuckin’ weird. (upbeat music) – We are putting bacteria on our body. (lively music) Just the thought that I’m gonna be a living host to other living things is a weird thought for me. – I’m skeptical. – It’s magical basically, and I’m really… Continue Reading We Gave Up Soap And Used Bacteria Instead • The Test Friends

Hi everyone, I’m Sydney and I have Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is pretty much just someone that has excessive sweat in a given area of their body. So I sweat pretty much all the time but it gets way worse when I’m nervous and I’m super nervous to be on camera right… Continue Reading This Is How I Got Rid Of My Excessive Armpit Sweat | Refinery29