I will perform transorbital lobotomy on ten patients within an hour. In the 1930’s, a new brain surgery like the one portrayed here in the movie Frances, was brought to the United States: the lobotomy. Only a little more dangerous than operating to remove an infected tooth. It was performed… Continue Reading Lobotomy: A Dangerous Fad’s Lingering Effect on Mental Illness Treatment | Retro Report

Hey everybody! Today’s video is about chronic pain and depression *intro music* Now before I even get into the video, I want you to know that there are two ways that this can work. Number one being that depression itself can lead to chronic pain. You know we talked before… Continue Reading Depression and Chronic Pain | Kati Morton

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today.” We’re going be talking about how to overcome depression and anxiety naturally. And if you have ever struggled with or know anybody with just feeling down in the dumps, maybe lack of motivation, depression,… Continue Reading How to Fight Depression: 7 Secrets to Stop Depression

At 68, Linda Bohnen has spent decades not being able to work, travel or enjoy simple pleasures. She is essentially housebound. Worse, she is trapped inside her depression and anxiety. I’ve had depression on and off most of my life but it’s been mostly on for the past thirty odd… Continue Reading North American first: Researchers investigate safety of focused ultrasound to treat depression

>Let’s talk about doctor, we are seeking treatment, it is important, and the importance of early detection, can we talk about that? because that’s what she did, she came back from her trip, she knew something was wrong, when went to seek treatment.>She did, and that’s extremely important, the longer… Continue Reading Cancer and Depression: Diagnosis & Treatment

(instruments warming up) – [Instructor] Put your knee track over your toe. Good job. (whirs) (pulsing music) (gulps) (heavy breathing) – John? – Hey Erica. – Oh my god, hi! Oh I almost didn’t recognize you though, you look good. – I lost a little weight. – Okay, well it’s… Continue Reading Body Insecure

Hey it’s professor Dave, let’s learn about pharmaceuticals. We all get sick from time to time. Whether it’s just a cold, or something more serious, and there’s great controversy amongst the public about how to treat disease. Some argue that conventional medicine is best suited to address the health needs… Continue Reading Pharmaceutical Drugs: Inhibitors and the Nature of Disease

Dr Richard Needle talks about Water Plus and Cancer Hello, I am Dr Richard Needle, PhD, Nutritionist and medical intuitive. This is Water Plus, Aging Plus under my own label this is supplement water it makes 30 Gallons a 3-month supply in addition to the other water that we drink… Continue Reading Dr. Richard Needle Explains about Water Plus, and Bottled Water, and Cancer

San Jiao 14 is located posterior and inferior to the acromion in the depression about 1 cun posterior to Large Intestine 15. To locate this point easily in clinic lift the arm up a local palpate for the depression of the back of the shoulder joints

Mood naturally fluctuates and everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives But in some cases changes in mood can become long-lasting Debilitating and can impair someone’s ability to hold down a job, or sustain meaningful relationships It’s estimated that around 10 percent of people will at some point in… Continue Reading Depression and its treatment